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Voting has been reset in most of the top sites! Top 5 Voters of October and their rewards: 1.) ShimeWonder - 31 votes - Rewards: $45,000, 1500 claim blocks 2.) Jay_K - 31 votes - Rewards: $180,000, 6000 claim blocks (x4 for being a top voter in a row) 3.) cmssa - 30 votes - Rewards: $160,000, 5200 claim blocks (x4 for being a top voter in a row) 4.) lilocowboy - 29 votes - Rewards: $70,000, 2200 claim blocks (x2 for being a top voter in a row) 5.) Christopher697 - 28 votes - Rewards: $30,000, 1000 claim blocks Thank you and congratulations! Enjoy your rewards and keep voting to support AuraCraft and also to get free Ranks, ranks upgrade, claim blocks, diamonds, money and emeralds everyday!
It's that time of year again where frightful monsters and spooky things walk among us. And....they ring doorbells and ask for candy. Scary creatures, children are. Ha ha. Now then, let's kick off the day with some fun and happy times. Remember kids, plan as a group for trick-or-treating and never trade a snickers bar for a darn airhead! (Blah! Horrible trade...) Get your best costumes out, toss some pumpkins everywhere and go out and scare! Sit around a campfire and tell scary stories, have a spooky movie montage, steal candy from neighbors and paying candy tax to your friendly neighborhood staff on Aura....*cough*. (nyancat) Happy Halloween, everyone! (nyancat)